Ch. 4 – Sights & Sounds Evaluation

The movie that I choose was the Dark Knight. I choose his movie because I think that It will be able to talk a lot about it when it comes to the sights and sounds in the film. In the beginning of the film there was a bank robbery with a very high number of armed thugs. They even got the sound effects of the grappling hook. There was deep sounding music in the background that went along with the actions of the characters. The Dark Knight is about how the batman was doing good protecting Gotham city from those who would harm it. Then a man named the joker gives him some trouble and makes the people of Gotham restless. One of the main characters Harvey who later in the film turns into a man named two face is the little ray of hope that Gotham has and when the madman joker tells people that if the batman doesn’t turn himself in then he would kill someone. This leads people to think is batman a vigilante or a hero. The main characters in the story where Bruce Wayne (batman), Commissioner Gordon, Joker, Harvey (Two face), Rachael, Lucious and Alfred. This film/movie would best fall into the action category because it has a lot of fighting and violence scenes in it. Though there was some amounts of drama, comedy and love action is the most dominant.  

One of the conflicts that batman had to go through was showing his identity to save the lives of people this ended up being solved by Harvey claiming to be the batman and taking the blame for the crimes that batman had committed fighting crime. But before this had happened Bruce Wayne was struggling to come up with a decision on whether to turn himself in or let innocent people die while he try to come up with a solution to his problem.

The sound in this movie was very good when a fight scene was shown it made me sit on the edge of my seat. I could also tell when one was coming because the music in the background would be more intense and grow louder with every passing moment. This movies music and action is what made me like it so much. I think that music is a good way to build up suspense I have never fully watched this movie and when I got to see it all at once I was amazed at how good it was. Some of the awards that it won was picture of the year, best supporting actor and best sound mixing. The lighting in the film was perfect even in the darkness of the background I could still see batman moving around and as he was fighting the camera was always on him. If I was to grade this move, I would give it a 100 because not only did it have great fighting scenes, but it also had good sound quality and good camera angles to go along with it.    

Jahseim Merritt